Miscellaneous Posts

Blog posts about me

Another ‘about’ MumblingNerd
Interests (not very interesting at all)
Hello, I’m Dandy
If it smells okay and there are no unsightly slimy bits…
…cut into chunks, weighed and wrapped
A tiny time capsule
Blog Meme; It’s all about me me me
Nottingham YMCA Fencing Club
Nottingham/English – Phrases in idiomatic form
Word finding difficulties
At least Max reads my blog
Loathed Language List
MumblingNerd’s blog ~ 2011 in review
MumblingNerd’s blog ~ 2012 in review
MumblingNerd’s blog ~ 2013 in review
A somewhat uninspiring and rambling Hello from when I started this blog

Blog posts by me that don’t particularly fit in other categories

Did You Know?
Trick or Tweet Stories
Short list of words with creatures in them
White van rant… okay; mumbling semi-rant
Similar interests, different points of view
Bay, bay, balsa spruce, holly yew ebony willow?
BOF Anti-social Networking Group
Buses; location and locution
Dweller epithet for Nottingham
Meaningful Nonsense
Deadly euphemisms
The Colour of London
Remembrance Day 2018; remember who profits from war
Perception of time

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