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9 thoughts on “Content summary

    1. Thanks very much, Roy! Chocolate and travel are 2 of my favourite things as well. That’s why I’ve spent more than 2 years travelling to the chocolate hot spots of the world. The 1st edition of my book will be out next year. Thanks for subscribing to the blog. There will be lots of tasty updates there. And yes, Toronto, is indeed quite the chocolate destination. Stay tuned for more on that!

      Doreen Pendgracs
      Author, Chocolatour: Your Passport to the Faces & Places of Chocolate

  1. little nanny lived lamcote grove, the meadows so feel nottinghamish. Little Nanny would give us thruppnbit, a tanner and a bob, not sure whether these are true Nottingham. Do you know this : if yo bob don’t give ourz bob that bob that yo bob owes ourz bob ar bob will gie yo bob a bob on the nose. regards jennifer

    1. Hello Jennifer, thanks for the ‘Bob’ sentence; I’ve not come across that before.

      The thrupp’ny bit (three pence coin), tanner (six pence coin) and the bob (shilling or 12 pence coin) were general pre-decimalisation terms for some of the old imperial coinage, not only used in Nottingham, but all over the country. Roy

  2. Hi Roy, I can see you have quite a few photos of The Meadows, Nottingham and I wondered if you had any of Anmer Terrace, which was off Castleton Street in the Meadows. I have been desperately searching the internet for hours and hours to no avail. Kind regards, Laura Payne

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