Stories by my Father-in-law

George Weallans (1921-2007)
George Weallans (1921-2007)

My Father-in-law, George Weallans, wrote these evocative tales in 1999, about earlier periods of his life:

Tales when young (1920s and early 30s)

Chinley Farm (1920s and early 30s)

Holiday in Egypt (c1963)

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2 thoughts on “Stories by my Father-in-law

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I was born Ashington 1961. Michelle Carr, daughter of Selby Carr,a miner from newbiggin & Ashington. My mother Irene Carr (maiden name,snowden,calumboski.)Relocated to staffordshire in the early 70’s. I still have happy memories of the area.

  2. Hi Michelle. I have been trying to trace either you or your friend who left some flowers at Newbiggin church over the summer in memory of Selby. Selby’s name will be included in our memorial carnations display this Christmas but I would like to be able to send you some photographs but have lost your friends contact details.

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