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Daft authors and book titles

Diction Hairy of Reeve Eyes Deaf Finnish Huns

MumblingNerd Stuff

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Yet More MumblingNerd Stuff

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Joke Collections

A bigger selection of short jokes and word play

A man walks into a bar…

Cracker jokes

Doctor, Doctor…

Elephant jokes

Changing a light bulb jokes

Even shorter jokes

Knock, knock…

Life observations

My wife’s gone to…

Punicious Punography

Shopping jokes

Small selection of short jokes

Even more short jokes

Star Trek gags

Twitter gags

Yet another selection of jokes and word play

Nerd Jokes

Why did the chicken cross the road?


Humorous quotations

More humorous quotes

Mae Oreo-West quotations

Tim Vine One-liners

Tommy Cooper One-liners

William Tweetspeare quotations

A selection of jokes and one-liners from the last ten years of the Edinburgh Fringe

Miscellaneous Silliness

Daft authors and book titles

How many aliens does it take to change a light bulb?

Imp proved spell cheque four ewe

‘I say Holmes…’

Mendacious Facts

The surface area of a pie


Trick or Tweet Stories

What is the fibula? – A small lie

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