A very brief history of MumblingNerd

Betty and Roy Manterfield (1953)
Betty and Roy Manterfield (1953)

I was born in Leicester in 1952 in the English East Midlands and lived in Birstall, near Leicester, before going to Art College in Loughborough in 1970, for a foundation course year, and Leeds College of Art and Design in 1971, for a three year degree course in communication design (graphics).

In 1974 I was due to go to Central School of Art and Design in London, to take an MA in topological maps and typography under Anthony Froshaug (name dropping for anyone interested in typography), but in a personally pivotal moment I decided to move to Nottingham to work on information graphics for Nottingham City Transport.

Roy and Sue Manterfield's wedding (24 July 1982)
Roy and Sue Manterfield’s wedding (24 July 1982)

I married the amazing Sue Weallans in 1982, we had a daughter, the equally amazing Alice (yes, I know I’m bound to say that, but she is, so there, and if you knew her you would know that too), in 1994 and I’m still living, working, mumblinggratuitously punning and Tweeting in the outstanding city of Nottingham now.

And I should just mention that occasionally everything must be parallel or sequent, or I will spontaneously combust.



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One thought on “A very brief history of MumblingNerd

  1. I’m so glad I found your site, I’ve been outside the propper East Midlands for too long! The dictionary has given me such good laughs, I can feel my accent coming right back. Thank you.

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