Imp proved spell cheque four ewe

Eye found this my newt rhyme year sago, butt cud knot ream ember wear from:

I have a special checker
It helps with watt eye right
Cheques the spelling and grandma
And sets my copy a-lite

Sew when yew cannot weight
To git yaw mess hedge threw
You’s the spelling chequer
It’s a curate, rely able and t’ woo

Then, when eye was urchin four it, eye disk covered this grate lea imp proved won:

Ode to My Spell Checker (awe thaw Hun own)

Eye have a spelling checker, it came with my pea sea
It plainly marks four my revue miss steaks eye kin knot sea.
Eye strike a quay and type a word and weight for it to say
Weather eye yam wrong oar write, it shows me strait a weigh.
As soon as a mist ache is maid it nose bee fore two long
And eye can put the error rite its rare lea ever wrong.
Eye have run this poem threw it I’m shore your pleased to no
Its letter perfect awl the way, my checker told me sew.



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