Family history

Dennis Manterfield

Dad’s story

A short history of Dennis Manterfield and family 1927 to 2002


Betty Manterfield

Mum’s story

A short history of Betty Manterfield and family 1928 to 2004

Mum’s ‘Derbyshire’ confusion (Apr-2003)

By Roy Manterfield (2003) – Fairly large PDF – may take a while to download

Roy Manterfield
Roy Manterfield

A very brief history of MumblingNerd

Some more stuff about me

19 - Janis_Lewin_[2]_(Aug-2006)
Janis Ellen Lewin

Janis Ellen Lewin (nee Manterfield)

7 September 1957 – 9 November 2017.

Monday the 27th of November 2017 was a very sad day. It was the funeral of my lovely sister Janis.

George Weallans

Stories by my Father-in-law

Tales when young
Chinley Farm
Holiday in Egypt

Edinburgh (7 July 1965)
Edinburgh (1965)


Scotland (1965)
Atlanta (1996)

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