The surface area of a pie

Pi-pieCalculate the surface area of a pie by multiplying Pi times the pie radius-squared, where Pi is 3.14 and the pie radius is a given number represented by “Pie-R”. In other words, Area = Pi * Pie-R-squared.

If you were asked to find the area of a pie whose radius was 9cm, the formula would be Pi * Pie-R-squared, or 3.14 * 9cm-squared = 254.34cm-squared.

Also, if you have a pizza with radius z and thickness a, its volume is pizza [or pi*z*z*a].

Sir Cumference was the roundest knight at King Arthur’s round table. He acquired his size from too much Pi.

If you divide the diameter of a jack-o’-lantern by its circumference, you get pumpkin Pi.

Palindrome; “I prefer pi”, or Nottingham and Northern England version; “E, I prefer pie”.


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