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The dates and scraps of information that I’ve collected about Nottingham have been gathered from a very wide variety of sources, of which the following publications and web pages are just some of the ones that I can remember:

An itinerary of Nottingham, Transactions of the Thoroton Society by J. Holland Walker (1925-1935)

British History Online

Lenton Times

Local Studies Library of Nottingham Central Library

Medieval English Genealogy

Nottingham and its Council House leaflet (published by Nottingham City Council in 1987)

Nottingham Castle leaflet (published by Nottingham City Council in 1986)

Nottingham Caves Survey

Nottingham City Council

Nottingham Connection (2nd Edition, published by Nottingham City Council in 1997)

Nottingham Post. Nottingham, Nottingham Post Media Group Ltd

Nottingham’s Civic Heritage leaflet (published by Nottingham City Council in March 1989)

Nottinghamshire Heritage Gateway

Nottinghamshire Police

Nottingham University Hospitals Archives

Picture the Past website. Derby and Nottingham, City and County Councils

Severn Trent Water

Southwell & Nottingham Advisory Committee and the University of Nottingham

Story of Lace leaflet (published by Nottingham City Council in 1982)

University of Nottingham website. Nottingham, The University of Nottingham


Wollaton Hall leaflet. Nottingham, Nottingham City Council, 1982

Yarnspinner, Valentine. Nottingham’s Great Cheese Riot & other 1766 Food Riots. Loaf On A Stick Press, May 2011

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If you want to know more about Nottingham’s past there is further information in ‘Events and dates in Nottingham’s history’ and through these websites:

The Nottinghamshire Heritage Gateway

The Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire

Nottingham Local Studies Library

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