BOF Anti-social Networking Group

Are you sick of being sociable?

Are you continually coerced to communicate?

Are you tired of Twittering and fed up with friend requests?

Be a BOF (Boring Old Fart) and celebrate your BOFness!

You don’t have to be old to be a BOF, anyone can be a BOF; I might be middle aged now, but I’ve been a BOF since I was an infant and I doubt there’s ever been a more boring teenager.

So, let’s distance ourselves from other people, stop answering the telephone or the knock at the door, let’s be unsociable and let’s ignore requests to Tweet, be friends or join groups.

You’ll be happy you did, probably, well, you’ll be a BOF anyway.


About MumblingNerd
Love, equality and tolerance, not hate. Humour, puns, cats and Nottingham, also a chocolate 'tester' and social media botherer. I’m Roy Manterfield by the way, or MumblingNerd online. I live in Nottingham in the UK and I post inane comments on social media.

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