Events and dates in Nottingham’s history


This is a slightly random assortment of dates and snippets of information about Nottingham that I’ve been collecting on and off since the early 1990s, or thereabouts. It isn’t an exhaustively researched academic treatise, I’ve just compiled it out of personal interest and because I like lists.

As a matter of convenience, for me, I’ve broken the information down into these periods (click to go to):

Nottingham in the Middle Ages (600 – 1499)

Early Modern Nottingham (1500 – 1799)

19th Century Nottingham (1800 – 1899)

Early 20th Century Nottingham (1900 – 1949)

Late 20th Century Nottingham (1950 – 1999)

Nottingham Now (2000 onwards)


Events and Dates in NottinghamI’ve collected the information from a huge number of places, including my memory of events since I came to live in Nottingham. A few historical dates I’ve come across have alternative years cited, so I’ve quoted the date that seems most valid to me, depending on the source, background information and related material.

One thing I didn’t do when I originally compiled the list, and now regret, is to cite source material. I will gradually address this, but due to the huge variety of sources it will take a very long time.

I’ve put the sources of information I can remember in the References section and hope that I’ve not made too many mistakes in writing the lists. I’ve also inserted one or two events that were external to Nottingham, just to give a little context.

I will update and add information as I come across it and I will be very grateful if anyone reading this would let me know of any information that is either wrong or missing.

Needless to say, if there are mistakes, they are mine.


For other information about Nottingham click here

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If you want to know more about Nottingham’s past there is further information in ‘Events and dates in Nottingham’s history’ and through these websites:

The Nottinghamshire Heritage Gateway

The Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire

Nottingham Local Studies Library

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4 thoughts on “Events and dates in Nottingham’s history

  1. Hi,
    Ive just been enlightened about Notts in a way i think is great.Thank you for the time line info
    .It seems that Notts is the earliest place i can find Rellys in England and now i have a clearer idea what was happening at the time.With a weired surname(Nurse) that i have the history of Notts is more interesting,
    Again thanks.
    ps im in Australia

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