No reason as usual; just felt like a little unrelated random gibberish:

Synchronicity isn’t increasing as recently as it might have been.

There is no potential in structured leanings of traditional seaside postcards.

Happiness is like a butterfly, or a moth, but in brighter light.

Assert an unremitting supply of honey and a ready source of kapok.

Saturated penny-farthing spokes create pedestrian toothpicks.

Undertaking is overtaking adjustments in traffic management.

High quality photographic prints have a propensity to constrict.

Digestive camouflage makes a splendid allowance.

A gloomy countenance assembles a bracing cabinet.

Avoid raw onion until the jigsaw is all-inclusive.

Circumvent criminal bleaching of used corn-on-the-cob husks.

What is the difference between a sheep? One eye is the same as it should have been.


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