Another ‘about’ MumblingNerd

Roy Manterfield (23 Feb 2013)Some things that I like, appreciate, use and think about…

Enthusiastically | Frequently | Occasionally | Specifically | Previously

But not in any particular order… ah, well, actually they’re in alphabetical order ►

Afternoon tea Airfix
Alaska Alzheimer’s Society
Amnesty International Archery
Art galleries Atheism
Avaaz BBC
Beaches Beatles
Berlin Bettys Café Tea Rooms
Birmingham Black Adder
Blogging Blondie
Blueberry pancakes, bacon and maple syrup Books
Bookshops Boston
Bread Breakfast
Brussels Brussels sprouts
California Carl Sagan
Castles Cats
Cheese Chicago
Chocolate Cinema
Coastline Coffee
Comedy Cotton
Cumbria Dawn chorus
Death Valley Delicious bookmarking
Derbyshire deviantART
Devon Douglas Adams
Draft Guinness Dr Who
Eating Edinburgh
Facebook Family
Fawlty Towers Fencing
Ferns Foo Fighters
Fruit Genealogy
George Carlin Glasgow
Google+ Google Chrome
Grand Canyon Graphic design
Groucho Marx Hancock’s Half Hour
Hats Helvetica
History Holidays
Hotel Chocolat Hot weather
Humour Iain M Banks
Ian Dury and the Blockheads I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue
Interlaken Internet
iPhone Jazz
John Lewis Partnership Just a Minute
Lady Gaga Laughing
Leather Leeds
Leicester Lego
Liberalism LinkedIn
Maine Maps
Marmite Merlot
Milton Jones Monty Python
Morecambe and Wise MSWord
Museums Music
Neil deGrasse Tyson Newcastle
New England News
Newspapers New York
Northumberland Norway
Nottingham Nuts
Oak trees Oslo
Paper Parks
Paris PC
Photography Pianos
Pink Floyd Pinot Grigio
Pinot Noir Pinterest
Ponds Prague
Public libraries Public transport
Punk Rock Puns
Punsr QR Codes
Radio 4 Railways
Reading Robin Hood Tax
Rock pools Rolling countryside
Rolling Stones San Francisco
Savannah Saxophones
Scotland Seattle
Sequentiality Sheffield
Shopping Sid Meier’s Civilization
Sir Patrick Moore Snowdonia
Social networking Speculative fiction
Spicy food Spring
Star Trek Steam engines
Stephen Fry Stone
Stranglers Strawberries
Sushi Switzerland
Tea Teddy bears
Television Tim Minchin
Toast Tommy Cooper
Torchwood Toronto
Touchscreens Trams
Travelling Trees
Twitpic Twitter
Typography Vancouver
Venice Victor Borge
Violins Wargaming
Washington DC Water
Wikipedia Wimbledon Championship
Wine Wood
Woodland Word play
WordPress Words
Yoga Yorkshire
Yosemite National Park Zurich

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4 thoughts on “Another ‘about’ MumblingNerd

  1. We have more in common than I thought — and I thought we had a lot in common. :-)

    Was this generated with the help of a survey app? If so, I’d love a link.

    1. Hello Joshua, thanks for your kind comment. For some reason I just started jotting down things I like, appreciate, use etc, but I can’t remember why; I should have made a note! So I don’t have a link I’m afraid.

      I had the list in a Word doc for a while, then decided to post it, and again I’m not entirely sure why. I suppose it links in a little with the (so far very sparse) family history portion of the blog and more generally it intrigues me slightly to visit the list occasionally to see if it says something to me about what I am, or at least the me that (as we all do) shows its slightly edited self over the parapet.

      Roy :^)

  2. Hi Mumbler – Like your blog and circles info – and the fact you are on wordpress (do you just love the read blogs…)
    Can i put your blog link on my local blogs (as you are a nottingham-ite) the blog is its not about anything much but is 95% made using an android phone – which is an achievement, and has just 95% pics i’ve taken or have created with apps… so would you like to be on my local blogs page? And would you like to be included in the wollatonblogroll? It doesnt matter if you arent wollaton – bramcote and w bridgeford are there…
    Also can i use your nottingham history link on my history page? You could add a wiki link or nottshistory link instead of updating all of yours…or even a nottm uni one….ta muchly wollypark

    1. Hello Wollypark, thanks for commenting and I’m happy for any links you want to use or make, so yes to all the above.

      Your blog is fascinating and I’m amazed that 95% of it has been done via a mobile phone!

      My spelling ability, and remembering what/when/where for example, is so dire that I do about 98% of my postings and social networking on a PC; I need to have multiple windows, tabs and programs open all the time to check and find stuff.

      Best wishes, Roy :^)

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